OPTEX Wireless 2000


The Next Generation of Our Wireless Annunciator System! OPTEX
now brings the benefits of its advanced wireless technology in the form of greater RF transmission range and design versatility, to make your life more comfortable and convenient. The Wireless 1000 Annunciator System can be installed anywhere easily and quickly with no wiring. Whether it is for home or business, indoor or outdoor, Wireless 1000 is the ideal choice for perimeter awareness and wireless remote control.

Easy Installation – Indoor / Outdoor Use – Long Radio Transmission Range – FCC Approved

Wireless 1000 For Safety And Convenience
No more surprises! Wireless 1000 monitors your property 24 hours a day to detect approaching vehicles and people, giving you time to prepare.

No more missed visitors or deliveries!
Wireless 1000 serves as a welcome chime or perimeter alert for your home or shop.

No more hard to reach switches!
Wireless 1000 works as a convenient wireless switch for activating a variety of electric equipment (e.g. doorstrikes / magnetic locks, lights, sirens, motors).

security_nightshot.jpgThe Wireless 1000 Automatic Trigger
1 RC-b0 and upto4 TD-10 can also be used in conjunction with lighting systems or anti-crime alert devices.

The Wireless 1000 Outdoor Protection
1 RC10 and up to 4 TD-10 can be installed around your home entrances for perimeter awareness.

Long RF Transmission and Reliable Operation
Newly developed non-directional antenna (TD-10)
All wireless transmitters have ‘dead spots’ within their transmission range. TD-10’s improved antenna design greatly reduces ‘dead spots’ to make installation easier and increase reliability.

“Best In Its Class” maximum transmission range
TD-l0……. 1,000ft
TS-l0……. 700ft

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