Model: NE-100

Size: L130*W71*H165.5mm

Weight: 0.52KG

Capacity: 100ml

Voltage: 4.5V

Power: 1.8W

Noise: less than 35dba

Coverage: 80-100m³


1. Do not maintain or refill the device when the power is on.

2. Do not dump or tilt the device to avoid fragrance spills.

3. Do not put toxic and harmful liquids in the device.

4. Please keep away from the place where children can reach, so as to avoid electric shock, injury or eating fragrance by mistake.

5. Please use alcohol to work with the device regularly to clean and maintain the device, so that the nozzle will not be blocked.

6. Do not let the device soak in water or spill water on the surface.

7. Please operate the device according to the instruction.