Pullman-Holt sets a new standard in design and construction of Commercial/Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. The ‘Evacuator Series’ Wet/Dry Vacuums are molded using the most advanced engineering resins and includes several innovative design features not available on other professional quality vacuums. Equipped with a commercial grade, long life motor and a revolutionary filter system, these new vacuums are unmatched in the industry for performance, noise reduction, reliability and service life. The ‘Evacs’ will pick up just about any kind of dirt, litter, debris, sludge, soot or liquids. Suitable for a broad range of applications including commercial, industrial, construction, automotive, institutional and more. Evac 15 is a 15-gallon,2-hp vacuum with a compact tank style for easy mobility and storage.


  • Noise reduction design and special acoustic materials for quiet operation,under 65lb.
  • Exclusive ‘never clog’ dacron bag provides superior pre-filtration.
  • Cleaning knob for purging filter during severe pick-up applications.
  • Offset inlet for cyclonic separation of dirt or liquids.
  • Tank includes 8 in. rear wheels, 2.5 in. front casters, built-in drain with screw cap.
  • Includes: 10 ft. crush proof hose, 5 ft. wand, 14 in. floor brush tool, 14 in. floor squeegee tool and hand gulper tool
  • 50 foot power cord.

Tool Kit

  • 10 ft. x 1.5 in. crushproof hose
  • 5 ft. two-piece metal wand with swivel end
  • ABS floor brush tool
  • ABS floor squeegee tool
  • 17 in. crevice too


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